Team Update – Sept. 19

Welcome to a new year of Skule and a new year for U of Tbog! This is our first update, which we will be posting every 1-2 weeks to keep everyone up to date with the team’s progress. Superstructure design is ramping down but there’s still lots of work to do before we show off our carbon fibre toboggan 2.0 at GNCTR in Winnipeg this February. Here’s what various areas of the team are currently up to:


Superstructure: Big thank you to everyone that helped over the summer to design our toboggan. We will hold a wrap up meeting Tuesday, Sept 20th @ 7pm to summarize the design and start talking fabrication.

Concrete: The focus of design meetings will shift from superstructure to ski design. We need feedback on a first iteration of the ski design, and help to develop an innovative reinforcement scheme for the skis before we start testing concrete mixes. First meeting will tentatively be held Tuesday, Sept 27th, time and location TBD.

Fabrication: Contact Cam ( if you would like to get involved with fabrication of the toboggan. Machine shop training is available through weekend courses at George Brown. Carbon fibre work will be conducted at 256 McCaul and will not require shop training.

Theme: We are reopening this years theme choice to the team for discussion on Thursday, Sept 22 @ 7pm, location TBD. We’ll need to pick one with good skit, costume, song, and spirit potential. Decision needs to be made before registration opens in October.

Sponsorship: Funding is hugely important for our team, as it determines how much we can spend on our toboggan, tech ex and costumes. With this year’s competition in Winnipeg, our funding will also determine how much each team member attending will have to pay, so the more funding and sponsorship we can secure the better! Contact Liz ( to help out.


Remember to sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already:


If you can’t make it out to these dates, contact any of the execs to get involved!