Michael Lizzi


EngSci 2T0

Michael’s first task as Captain is to submit something for this blurb.

Kally Van Mulligen


Mech 2T0

Kally enjoys listening to her favourite song… all day long.

Mechanical Team

Caroline Simons

Superstructure Co-Lead

Mech 1T9

Caroline always looks this confused.

Brianna Bredin

Superstructure Co-Lead

Mech 2T0


Cacia Ploeg

Steering Lead

EngSci 2T0


Pooja Peri

Breaking Lead

Mech 2T0


Nicholas Petrelli

Fabrication Co-Lead

Mech 1T8 + PEY

Nicholas likes to start his day with a healthy breakfast filled with Carbon Fiber.

Mark McCutcheon

Fabrication Co-Lead

Indy 2T0

“Is this boats?”

Concrete Team

Issy Williams

Concrete Lead

Civ 1T8 + PEY

Issy’s favourite flavour of popsicle is concrete.

Jimmy Bartha

Concrete Lead

Civ 2T0

Jimmy still thinks concrete is stronger in tension.

Development Team

Melissa Lau

Sponsorship Lead

Civ 1T9 + PEY


Stephen Gidge

Media and Graphics Director

Indy 1T8 + PEY

Stephen’s first language is rural hockey chirping.

Theme Team

Sophie Ordman

Theme Lead


Sophie loves concrete but FASHUN is her true calling.

Leah McLeod-Demers

Tech-Ex Co-Lead

Mech 2T1

Leah has no idea what’s going on, but she likes it.

Jeff Dryden

Tech-Ex Co-Lead

Chem 1T8 + PEY

Jeff is the human form of the “100” emoji.

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