Team photo taken at GNCTR 2016 in Ottawa



We are a student engineering design team intent on creating the world’s best concrete toboggan. We compete annually in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race as representatives of the University of Toronto.

The rules are simple: Design and build a toboggan capable of safely carrying five riders down a hill, with running surfaces made of concrete. Design and fabrication take place over the course of the year leading up to the competition in early February. The competition consists of two main events: Technical Exhibition (Tech-Ex) and Race Day.

The “Tech-Ex” is where teams show off their finished toboggans in an interactive display and present their design process to judges and the public. Designs are judged on a variety of factors, including concrete mix composition, structural and mechanical considerations, and even aesthetic appeal.

On Race Day, teams head to a nearby ski slope for the hotly anticipated races. Teams begin by completing speed and slalom runs, and are judged on time, braking distance, steering, and top speed. In the afternoon , toboggans are pitted against each other in a sudden-death “King of the Hill” tournament. The races always attract plenty of public spectators and are often covered by national media.

The team is looking forward to taking part in this year’s competition in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This year’s theme is “DiscoBogg”!



GNCTR 2016:

In January 2016 we sent a team of 30 students to Ottawa, Ontario to compete in the 42nd annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race against over 400 engineering students from across Canada.

A list of our achievements from the competition include:

• Awarded “Most Innovative Toboggan”

• Awarded “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Toboggan”

• 1st Place: Technical Presentations

• 2nd Place: Technical Exhibition Display

• 3rd Place: Technical Reporting

GNCTR 2014:

This January we sent a team of 30 students to London, Ontario to compete in the 40th annual

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race against over 400 engineering students from across Canada.

A list of our achievements from the competition include:

• Third Place Overall

• Best Team Spirit

• Best Braking Performance

• Best Technical Report

• Winners of the CSA “Building for Tomorrow” Award

• Second Place Braking Design

• Second Place Steering Design

• Second Place Best Use of Fly Ash

• Third Place Frame Design

U of T was also proud to send an alumni team to the competition, which won the Best Non-Competing Team.

With these exciting results, we have already begun working to improving upon our success. We would like to extend a special thanks to our fantastic corporate and faculty sponsors. Your help and generosity make this team possible.

Past Competitions:

Throughout the years, our team has done extremely well in all categories ofthe competition—all
thanks to the help and support from our generous sponsors. Here are some of our more
distinguished achievements from the past year.

  • 2nd place for Overall Competition (out of 22 teams)
  • 1st place for Best Performing Toboggan
  • 1st place for Shortest Braking Distance
  • 2nd place for Technical Report
  • 2nd place for CIRCA Most Effective Use of Fly Ash in Concrete
  • 2nd place for Holcim Most Sustainable Toboggan
  • 2nd place for Slalom Run
  • Most Improved Team Award 2013