Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

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I have no experience. How can I help?

So many ways! Most of the Project Leads today started on the team with no experience. Come out to any of the meetings to find out what kinds of tasks you can take on. We’re committed to fostering a learning environment for everyone, and we’d love to hear all your crazy ideas!

I’m not a Mech or a Civ. How can I help?

Concrete Toboggan is a unique design team in that it requires a diverse breadth of skills to achieve excellence in the competition. At GNCTR 2017 our technical exhibition had an LED light-up dance floor that responded to music! The team has had members from every discipline in past years and we can always find creative ways to utilize your skills or help you develop new ones!

I’ve heard TBog is just a party. What am I really going to get out of this team?

It’s true that the competition can be a TON of fun, but we work really hard to get there. There are countless hours that go into making each component of the competition perfect, and there’s lots to learn too! Many TBog Alumni have found that their experience with this team has been extremely valuable in their search for engineering jobs. Once we get to the competition, we make all our hard work worth it by having a great time!

I’m not much of a partier. Is TBog really for me?

Why not!? As long as you have a positive attitude you’ll have a great time at the competition! If you’re not interested in coming to competition, no sweat! We value all our team member’s contributions, regardless of whether they come to competition.

Someone told me F!rosh aren’t allowed on the team. Is that true?

Nope! We welcome students from every year and every discipline.

Can everyone go to the competition?

Unfortunately no. GNCTR limits us to a team of 30 people. The Project leads will invite people to be on the competition team based on their contributions throughout the year. If you want to know more, ask them about it or email

How do I secure my spot on the competition team?

Be sure to let the Project Leads know when you’re working on a task. They’ll keep track of your contributions which will be used to select the competition team. If you’re not sure if you’ve done enough, ask them! They can always help you find more ways to contribute to the team.