Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Concrete Toboggan?

The concrete toboggan consists of a braking and steering system, a shell, and a concrete running surface, typically skis. The skis are the only concrete aspect of the toboggan, the rest is composed of materials such as metals, plastics, and carbon fibre.

Why should I join the UofT Concrete Toboggan Team?

Not only do you gain valuable design and fabrication experience, you become part of a close knit team. Regardless of your discipline or prior experience, we welcome anyone to join the team! The exposure to unique challenges are a great learning experience, and you become a part of a community that will continue outside of your university career.

How do I get involved?

Click Here to join the Concrete Toboggan Team mailing list! Get regular updates from our Design and Spirit teams! Also, check out our Calendar for future events open to general members. Feel free to contact us by email, Instagram, or our Facebook page if you want more information!

Is all you do design a toboggan?

No! This design team is not just designing, but also developing a theme for competition along with a technical display to show our hard work as well as making costumes and showing spirit. We also have lots of team events and socials that help our team bond.

I have no experience. How can I help?

You can help in so many ways! Most members joined the team with no prior experience. Our team has both design and spirit (such as costume design, mural painting, graphics, etc)  opportunities, and you can cater your experience on the team based on what interests you! We are all on the team to learn! Come to our meetings or message us to find out more about what you can get involved with! The more brains the better!

I’m not in Mechanical or Civil Engineering. How can I help?

Concrete Toboggan is a unique design team in that it requires a diverse breadth of skills to achieve excellence at the competition. Therefore, the team has had members from every discipline in past years and we can always find creative ways to utilize your skills or help you develop new ones! Whether it be CADing parts of the toboggan, painting our technical display, helping sew costumes, pouring concrete, machining parts and more, there is a place for anyone on our team!

What do you compete in?

On the last weekend of January, we compete in a competition called the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR). The competition is judged based not only on race performance of the toboggan down a ski hill, but also on the technical display, theme, spirit, and design

Can everyone go to competition?

Unfortunately, no. GNCTR limits us to a team of 30 people. The Captains and Leads will invite people based on their contributions throughout the year. If you want to know more, ask them about it or email

How do I secure my spot on the team?

It is your responsibility to track the contributions you have made to the team. Leads will check this off. If you are interested in finding more ways you can be involved, ask the Captains or Leads! Our decision for who goes to competition will be carefully selected based on your dedication and contributions to the team.