Our Mission

The University of Toronto Concrete Toboggan Team is a dedicated design team that is tasked with designing and fabricating a toboggan that features a shell, steering and braking system, and a fully concrete running surface. Each year, we spend countless hours on engineering innovative solutions for the design challenges of the competition while fostering a fun and inclusive learning environment. We focus on safety and sustainability in all of our design choices and we pride ourselves on our innovative design ideas and fabrication techniques. Every year we have the opportunity to compete in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, attracting over 20 different universities across North America. The competition is judged not only on the outcome of the races, but also our design, technical application, and spirit.

Our team consists of 17 leads and is comprised of over 30 undergraduate engineering students. Our team has two sub-teams: the Design Team and Spirit Team. The Design Team is responsible for the design and fabrication of the toboggan’s shell, braking and steering systems, and concrete running surface. The Spirit Team develops our theme, costumes and technical exhibition for the competition. They are also responsible for acquiring? sponsorship and building team spirit. To learn more about the subteams, visit the Meet the Team Tab, Systems.